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    Import speed


      What would you identify as the top three (or more) factors that will affect speed of imports into FileMaker?


      I will start with one - field indexing - indexed fields require imported data to be indexed too, so they force a continual update of the index on import. True?


      Cheers, David

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          Size of the file's data source

          Location of the file's data source

          Dependent calculations

          Type of import... matching or new records etc

          ... can all impact on the speed of an import


          Wouldn't it be dependent on indexing settings for the fields whether 

          they are indexed or not on import?


          Kind regards


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            My top three :  Indexed fields, data source ( ie type of import ), amount of cache allocated on the client.


            In other words, the fastest import is into a single table file with no indexes or calcs, from a csv file and maximum client cache.  ( Cache begins to play a bigger part once you're doing index updates, so in the no index situation, probably doesn't matter, but seeing as that's not very realistic, it normally helps a lot. )


            CSV is also the fastest import, faster than scripted create loops or a FileMaker to FileMaker import.


            Secondary consideration : size of the graph across all open files.  Especially with a large graph this can make a difference.




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              I also try and so all large imports on a local file/single user instead of a hosted file where possible. Same for deleting large numbers of records. When I get my SSD drive I'll run some comparisons as well, interested to see how that affects the results.



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                Sorry Andrew - yours was helpful too but apparently I can only award two "helpful" answers!

                And in this case there is no "correct" answer

                Cheers, David

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                  Interesting point about the cache, have you got any statistics/ideas/tips about what cache size is optimum?

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                    Power of the computer performing the import!

                    Performing import into file on a local client instead of hosted on the server is faster.

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                      The fastest way to import data is with local file, without indexing and sorting of the data, without any calculated fields and relationship involved. Obviously, in a real situation it's impossibile to have all this prerequisites. So a local file is sure the best approach "always" possible. A fast hd, a powerfull computer are always preferable!