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    FileMaker help file template


      Hi all


      I'm looking for a help file template for a FileMaker solution I'm working on.


      Any suggestions beyond making my own?





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          I have one that is really straightforward build... but it would probably take you as long to reengineer mine as to create your own.


          The principle is simple. My global table (to which everything relates) has 2 fields which update as you move around the rest of the system. It calculates Current Table and current Layout. When the fields are placed on each layout they generate the new table/layout values which then relate to the Table and Layout fields in my help table. It is then just a matter of GTRR (in a new window offset by the width of the current window) with the help button.. so the design on your help layout can be really simple.

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            Hi Lyndsay


            Thank you for the tip.


            One of the venues I'm exploring is to create a website to hold rich media information and use a webviewer. I'm creating a Vimeo account too.


            In my case all of my customers must have an internet connection so the webviewer sounds like the way to go.


            I'll keep you posted.




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              Ultimately doing it in FileMaker is problematic.

              People often want help mid-script.... and can't access it. This is the same for webviewers.


              I have done a PHP Help solution which looks back into the same Help table which I am migrating towards as a standard thing to bypass the locked script... as generally the URL buttons still work when a script is paused.