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    How to start a new Discussion by Email?

      It didn't work for me. Neither it appears anywhere nor I get a bounce.





      This is what I sent to technet@filemaker.com:


      Subject: Just to find out what my current user name is (on technet@filemaker.com)

      I would be very sorry not to know who asks a question or provides a response.

      I think we're a global community that knows each other well.

      Anonymous questions I would rather not like to answer - if at all.





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          on 2011-11-03 01:34 info@huslik.com wrote

          It didn't work for me. Neither it appears anywhere nor I get a bounce.



          to start a new discussion by email, you go to the web page for a specific

          discussion area, e.g.:




          for Advanced Discussions; then click Actions > Create by email; then click

          "Start a discussion now"; this is a mailto: link, which on most systems will

          start a new message in your email client addressed to the specific discussion

          area, e.g.:




          those using webmail will be better served by using the vCard feature instead of

          "Start a discussion now"; in any case it might help to add the specific

          discussion address to their contact list and to give it a nickname because the

          addresses aren't autocomplete-friendly — they all start with

          "discussions-community-discuss" ...


          note that some people are in the habit of replying to another message on the

          list, then changing the Subject header, to start a new discussion; this is not

          a good practice anyway because of threading, but on this new system every

          message has a unique reply-to such as

          "fmi-1533415058-1n9-2-1buj@fmdev.filemaker.com", and using reply to start a new

          topic will not work; it will the message to the discussion to which they

          replied, and their Subject text will be replaced with the subject of that