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Using FileMaker 11 with Aqua Connect Terminal server

Question asked by BruceHerbach on Nov 8, 2011
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I have a client that is considering setting up a Mac Pro server with

Aqua Connect Terminal server. The staff connecting to the system will

be running a multiple file solution based on JobPro. Since this will be

a new system, the OS will be Lion Server, Most clients will be running

FileMaker Pro. For Developement, there will be a license available for

FileMaker Pro Advanced.


The desktop PCs will be a Windows based systems will be running

Microsoft RDP or VNC.


If you have experience with Aqua Connect and FileMaker please let me

know what you think of the product? Items of interest are FileMaker

performance on the system, reliability, type of connection from the

remote client to the Aqua Connect server and your experience dealing

with the company.


Thanks very much.

Bruce Herbach

Herbach Consulting

FileMaker 9,10,11 Certified Developer