10(0)1 FileMaker 'Gotchas'

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Can we make a resource of a 101 FileMaker 'Gotchas'? 1001?

Hello everybody, this is my welcome offer for the new FileMaker Developer Community!

What's a 'Gotcha'?

According to Wikipedea a Gotcha is:


  • a relaxed pronunciation of "I've got you", usually referring to an unexpected capture or discovery.
  • (programming): an unexpected or unintuitive, but documented, behavior in a computer system (as opposed to a bug)
  • a common colloquialism meaning to understand or comprehend.


What's an FM-Gotcha?


  • A bit of FileMaker that doesn't work the way you'd expect it to (bug or no bug).
  • It's a bit like a gremlin: You want to get it* before it get's you**!


* To "get it" you have to:


  • Do some Gotcha-busting, that is:
  • Understand the Gotcha-problem,
  • Possibly clean up some slime, and
  • Say "Ah! I gotcha!" (and with that the Gotcha dissolves into a ghost of the past, never to be gotten again)


** When a Gotcha gets you:


  • it sucks
    • sometimes real bad.

The aim of this discussion

  • To create a repository of FileMaker Gotchas, a troubleshooter/Tsunami-warning system/suck-barometer of the FileMaker-unexpected.
  • To help the FileMaker Developer Community identify FM-Gotchas, do some Gotcha-busting and make FileMaker a safer place to develop.
  • To warn and be warned
  • To learn when to expect the unexpected
  • To understand FileMaker and be able to say 'I gotcha!'
  • To have a little fun.


For now I'm just gonna start with one - ok two - of my favourite nasty little Gotchas (one gremlin and one bug). Please add more. The nastier the better ;-)


Have fun, and happy Gotcha-busting!


Russell Watson (MrWatson)


P.S. Please Reply to this first entry to add a new Gotcha and feel free to sequentially number the Gotchas, so we can see when we get to our goal of 10(0)1, thank you!

And reply to the individual Gotchas to discuss them.


A Template for FileMaker Gotchas


I thought I should give you a template you can use to make your own entries:


FM-Gotcha #nnn: A succinct title that clarifies the nature of this gotcha


The expected behaviour: Describes what you expect to happen.


The unexpected behaviour (the slime): Describes what actually happens.


The gotcha: Explains what's happening/why it went wrong/how FileMaker works.


The suck: A short description of how much this gotcha sucks/the damage it can cause/the knock on effects it has.


The bust: how to bust this gotcha, that is, how to avert it, best avoid it, patch it, or at worst how to minimise the damage it does.


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