(OFF) QuickBooks 2012 upgrade for 123sync users - known QuickBooks bug

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For anyone that has recently upgraded their QuickBooks (Windows) to 2012 and are using 123sync to integrate from FileMaker to QuickBooks, please note that there is a known bug in this version of QuickBooks that produces an error $$550. The error comes up when a customer or job is modified and reposted to QB. The specifics of the error is as follows:


“Error: Unknown Error - $$550

The Customers object was saved successfully, but its corresponding Notes record could not be saved.”


As the error mentions, the customer record is created in QuickBooks, but the exception will stay in the exceptions tab of 123sync.


The work around currently is to go into the customer or job into QuickBooks, add something to the notes, then clear and re-post from 123sync.


We hope to have an update from Intuit soon to correct this issue.


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