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Question asked by disabled_winfried on Nov 9, 2011
Latest reply on Nov 17, 2011 by LyndsayHowarth

Why do I get just some but not all posts by email?

As you see from the enclosed screen shots the web shows more than the mailbox. Is there a rhyme or reason?


And to those who argue I would not need a copy of my own posts in the mail: you are wrong!

Relying on a copy in the own sent box would require to be tied to just ONE machine.

I for example answer some of my mails after breakfast at home, more at the office, and quite a few "after hours" at home again.

Of course my own sent mails would be spread over a number of places or even mobile devices. NO FUN!


If you ask: why don't you send a bcc to yourself? Speak after me: "It is NOT the same!" You cannot be sure it even arrived at the forum and in what order or what it really looks like.


And take a second look at the two screen shots with respect to the screen estate they occupy: While the web interface is bloated with stuff I really don't need at the moment, what a clean list the mail client provides instead.


Then navigate from post to post on the web and compare this to the email. Think of how much time you waste using the web.


And finally the mail body: pompous and vacuous. A simple 4-line message needs almost 6 inches in height. What may be OK for a one time message, you really don't want to get beaten by a hundred times a day.


Pupils given the task to draw a picture. those who had no idea how started out with a frame. So beware of frames!