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    Implications of CSS in FileMaker?


      Hello everyone,


      I was reading this feature request of including CSS in FileMaker Layouts http://fmlayoutmode.com/wp/?p=2427. I think it's a good idea and I hope to see it in the future.


      So let's suppose that FileMaker incorporates CSS to define layout styles.


      Wouldn't it also make sense to incorporate HTML to define the layout structure? Wouldn't it make sense to incorporate an interoperable library for interface patterns like tabs, portals, drawers, etc.? Wouldn't it make sense to evolve in a way that the resulting FileMaker application would not be a binary file, but an open and robust database-driven web application that could be hosted anywhere or ported to many devices? Wouldn't it make sense for this to happen today instead of in version 20, if ever?


      I know that FileMaker is in the business of selling licenses. And that it's done a great job of captivating their developer community. I truly love their products because they allow me to provide dramatic results.


      But still, at this point in time, isn't it silly that we are excited by the thought of CSS in layouts.


      Any thoughts are appreaciated.





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          Personally, I love the idea of a CSS like user interface editing syntax. I think it would make a LOT of things more maintainable for our systems. I don't know that I would like to see an HTML like style to the layout structure though - maybe as an option in FM Pro Advanced, but I know of some users that use FileMaker for very basic purposes and some more intermediate layout techniques are over their head. How would those users fair with something like that? To that point, FileMaker would also have to make a simplified version of that formatting similar to what it is now for those users.


          I know when I used to work in VB, I liked there object model for their layout objects. If FileMaker were to implement something like that, where in a script(or calc) I could call something like:


          txtCompanyName.visible = False;


          to hide a field on a layout, I could very easily get behind that.



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            Hello Mark,


            Thanks for replying.


            Well, I'm not thinking about CSS/HTML editing syntax.


            I'm thinking that you will still build a layout using FileMaker's WYSIWYG tools, but the result will be a piece of code.


            If that can ever be done at the CSS/style level, why not at the layout/document level?


            Make sense?


            Interesting point about VB. That's the kind of flexibility we're missing with the current rigid layout objects.





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              That makes total sense. I think that would be a GIANT step forward for FileMaker. Would you allow that generated piece of code to be edited through calcs or scripting then as well?


              You are right - this is the driection that FileMaker needs to go.