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    Installation help


      I am trying to install FM Server Advanced 11. I get a error that says FM Server is running and I need to go to the admin console to stop the server. This is a new machince and I have never installed FM server 7. Anyone know how I can stop this server service so I can run the FM Server 11 Advanced installation?

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          You can try going into windows services and stop the filemaker server service...

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            Hi Keason,


            a few questions:

            • What hardware and even more important which OS and version?
            • You are really sure that no previous version of FileMaker was ever installed on this computer .... ? ... because if a previous version was installed, it will have to be de-installed before proceeding.


            The problem you encounter here has been mentioned by one other person within this forum. I have not experienced it myself and I believe that it is very very rare.


            If you could answer the questions here it will be easier to proceed. But if the server is really a clean install you might have to prepare for a reinstallation of the OS.


            A comment to Jwalstab: Since Keason is explaining that this is a new machine and that no previous version of FileMaker has been installed, he/she will probably not be able to stop the FileMaker Server Service.