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Web viewer and PDF problem

Question asked by jrenfrew on Nov 9, 2011
Latest reply on Nov 15, 2011 by taylorsether

I have a runtime PDF processing worker file that a couple of my clients are testing out for me (i.e. trying to break it) and today we have come across a really odd problem, which is almost certainly not Filemaker itself, but affects something I use a lot, which is viewing PDF files inside a webviewer from the local hard disk using the file:///pathToFile.pdf format


On a machine with 64bit Windows 7 as soon as the script tried to load the created pdf into the webviewer it brought up a system dialogue box asking if I wanted to open or save the file, then opened ReaderX to view the file, and then gave an erro message saying that the ActiveX Acrobat plugin was missing.

The client can view PDF inside Explorer correctly but something is affecting the FM webviewer



Any ideas where to start looking??