ANN New Additions to Soliant Team

Discussion created by bbowers on Nov 10, 2011

I am pleased to announce two new additions to Soliant's development team. We normally don't announce things like this, but as many of you know these two individuals, I felt it would be appropriate.

Wim Decorte joins our Philadelphia team as a Senior Technical Project Lead. Wim has exceptional skills with FileMaker Server, SQL, .NET, and XML. He is also a FileMaker Excellence Award winner and author of many white papers and tech briefs on FileMaker products. He's in the process of relocating to Philadelphia, so those of you on the East Coast can look forward to seeing more of Wim in days ahead.

Martha Zink joins our California team as a Senior Developer. Martha has served as a speaker at DevCon and is an exuberant Authorized FTS Trainer. A rising star in the FileMaker world, Martha will continue to be based in Houston.

The addition of Wim and Martha also marks a significant milestone for Soliant: with them, we now number more than 50 employees. And though larger, our core mission remains to help our clients' businesses evolve by providing insightful advice, dependable project management, and databases that make a real difference. We continue to strive to have a positive impact on the FileMaker community, and, of course, to make Soliant a great place to work. I'm confident Wim and Martha will better enable us to accomplish all of these things.


- Bob