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Occasional PHP error

Question asked by tgellar on Nov 10, 2011

I have a CWP setup in a 2-machine alternative configuration. The web site and php engine in one pc, the FM server and WPC in the other.


Users have to complete a survey which displays one question per page. They enter their response and click the button to post it and proceed to the next question.


This works almost all the time, but for every 100 responses, there are about 2 times which results in an 802 error (unable to open file).


Also, in one case posting to a specific question (I did this 5 times in a row) resulted in a webpage not found error. So, no posting and not even a redirect to my error page. As mentioned, i did this repeatedly, and over a10 minute period.


System specs: 2 WIn 2008 Servers, the web server running apache. FM 11 Server, PHP 5.217 engine. At the time only 7 FM clients and 1 CWP clients accessing the DB.


The web server is used for Lasso/XML pages as well. However, according to FM Server logs there were minutes separating access requested - no overlapping.


Any thoughts where the problem might lie?