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    Speeding up AutoFill




      My client is using the autofill feature for about 10 fields. As the database is getting bigger, the database is getting slower.

      Is there anyway to accellerate the autofill option as the dataset grows?


      Any tricks or something that I am overlooking?





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          Hi Aileen,


          Auto-enter is about as fast as it gets.




          A little more info would help here. I would suspect the usual culprit Unstored Calculations.


          Or if you are using auto-complete, then the data set to choose from needs to be restricted. Use a value list instead of field values. If that is not an option, be sure the field used is indexed, in the field definitions select index all under the storage tab.

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            HI Tim,


            I will double check the unstored calcs.  I don't really think there are any, but . . .one never realizes what one has over time building in stages.  Thanks for the heads up.



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              Stephen Huston

              Is the auto-fill entered via a calculaed value?


              Those are, essentially, another form of unstored calc value which have to be resolved before they can be entered. Check the structure of any calcs used to auto-fill. If they reference another table, an unstored calc field, another file, etc., they will take time, and they will continue to get slower as the data expands.


              Even if all the fields referenced are local to that table, they will be slower if any of the auto-fills reference other local fields which are also auto-fills. Try to avoid that by figuring out what the real source of the calc value is without having to reference another calculated source — if possible.