A question of Questions and corruption

Discussion created by dhrowe on Nov 10, 2011
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I recently created a new table in a brand new file ( using Robot2 from NMCI ) starting from an older possibly damaged file.


Created and put it up into production. The file looks fine. Then used the admin console to save a copy for my offline development. The file in table view has a question mark in every field across 145k records. But only on the saved one. The live file appears fine.


1. No recover when I open it.

2. No issue in fmdiff

3. Passes FMVerify

4. No msg from fms from a verify

5. FMPA (11) consistency check says 0 bad blocks...


Any suggestions?


When I add a record, then save a compressed copy everything looks fine. ( and it again passes any tests I have used against it )



Doug Rowe

IT Director

Commercial Services




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