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Discussion created by dloughlin on Nov 10, 2011
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I have been (for some time now) converting a client/server application I have, to a CWP application. It;s been time consuming because I've been learning PHP, Javascript, Ajax, and FPDF. In the original application, using FMPro8.5, users could create a standard letter in a text field(using bold, italics, center justify, etc), and it would be stored in a text field. Doing it this way the "rich text" formatting (bold,etc) would be maintained. When requested by the user the standard letter, could be retrieved, some of the text would be replaced (name, address, etc.), and then it could be saved as a pdf. Trying to replicate this functionality is proving to be a challenge (at least for me, lol). I have started looking at Rich Text editors (free ones), and it seems that when I work out the kinks, I'll be able to give the users the ability to create the letters on the web page. What I have not been able to figure out is how to store it in FilemakerServerAdvanced11, such that it can be retrieved, the substitutions for name, address, etc, and displayed with the formatting(bold, etc.), and eventually saved either as a .pdf or .rtf, or perhaps even as a .doc. I will also have to deal withe existing letters that were created in the client/server version, so that they can be used in the new version, but one step at a time, let me first figure out how this will work.

I guess what I'm asking, is whether any one out there in Filemaker land, has done anything like this (it doesn't seem that unusual), and might let me know how they did it, or if anyone knows of any white papers out there that might be of use.

Thanks in advance for any responses!


Dennis Loughlin

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