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Best Practice for Scheduled Server Reboot

Question asked by jeepboy on Nov 11, 2011
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We're running FileMaker Server Advanced v11.0.2.217 under Mac OS X 10.6.4 on a Mac Pro.


We have a need to reboot the FileMaker Server every Sunday morning at 6:30am. It's easy to set this up in System Preferences, but I'm wondering if we need to manually close the databases before the OS begins the restart process. I'm hoping that the database files close cleanly and nothing else is required, but if it is I'd love some advice on the best way to get this done safely.


When I've done manual restarts of the server in the past, I've always gone into the FMS Admin console and closed all databases first, then did the system restart, so that's why I'm unsure if it's safe to just do the restart without specifically closing the database files first.



Thanks in advance for any advice!