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Scripting Open File using Variable file path/name

Question asked by maximums on Nov 13, 2011
Latest reply on Nov 14, 2011 by maximums

Hi all


Silly me I had assumed that I would be able to script a variable to open a file based on the result of the variable, ie.


Set Variable [ $file , "file:/" & filename ] (where filename is the field containing the file name)


but it seems the behaviour to open a file is different to the behaviour when saving/creating a file to disk because I get the following error:


The file " & $file could not be opened. (Not Found)


Note: The text "file:/" has been dropped from the dialog.


The client requires a small file for each of their staff. This means that every time a new staff member starts with the company, a file is created from a master using their name. I had build a portal to the staff file so that each active staff member displays as a button in the portal and, in theory at this stage, they can then click a button and the file is opened. This would mean the client only needs to create the staff record (which they do already) and the file rather than the convoluted system their previous developer has created whereby many scripts to import or parse data also need to be changed to include the new user.


Is anybody aware of a solution please?