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    Adding LineItems to LineItems?


      I am trying to set up relationships that will allow me to have one set of People Start an Order. For instance I would like an Engineer to build a list of items they need to produce a product. Then I would like Purchasing to chase down pricing of each line item of the order. So in a since I would like to add line items to the allready created lineitem.


      Does anyone have a simple relationship chart they could share to get me over this hump on the allways bigger next one.


      Thanks in Advance



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          Hi J


          From the brief description you've supplied, I don't believe you need a separate relationship as I presume you already have the line items linked to some kind of products table which has descriptions etc of the items. The purchasing person would surely be repricing those items so that the current prices can be pulled into product being designed. A simple script could be made to force a LookUp of that pricing so that it is shown as one field in the Line Items table.

          If that does not work for you then I'm not understanding your question.



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            Hey John, thanks for the help but I should I guess give a more complete senerio


            Engineering will go through and create what we call a green sheet and I have this function working just fine. Once Engineering has finished with it Purchasing then looks at it and and will send out for quotes to several different vendors. So what we end up with is several different prices from several different vendors for one LineItem. I need to show all the prices for all the Vendors with there lead times. So once Purchasing has completed there bid requests the Engineering will choose which bid from which vendor to buy the item from. There disicion is based on some times price and some times lead times which is why it is very important to show all off purchasings findings for each line item.


            Thanks John for taking a little time to help a Filemaker Nub.



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              Hi Jason,


              What I'd do is add a Supplier Price Table to hang off your Products table. In the Supplier Price Table you'd have the _fk_ProdID, supplier name (probably as the SupplierID from your Supplier's Table) and fields for the Price, Lead time and any other pertinent info. Put a button on that record -- even if you are displaying it inside a portal-- so that you can run a script to select the best quote for populating the Product table which can then be displayed as a related price inside your record of the line item.


              I've no doubt there may be additional scenarios you'll need to make allowance for -- eg the default of a nominated supplier or their inability to supply the number requested. Always best to plan for these situations in advance if at all possible as the work arounds tend to get messy.


              Hopefully, the above is sufficient to get the basic linkages in place.





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                Thanks John, I will give it a try