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Changes to SQL Schema Do Not Update in FM Table Occurance?

Question asked by Fellow_of_the_Craft on Nov 12, 2011
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I am running:


FileMaker Server

Windows Server 2003

Microsoft SQL Server 2005


I have an ODBC data source as a table occurrence in my relationship diagram. I can read and write data from FileMaker to the table occurrence. No problem.


Here is the issue:


When I add a column to my SQL table and re-open the relationship diagram, the new column does not appear in the table occurrence.


Deletion of the table occurrence and adding a new one will not reflect the change.


Only after deleting the actual DATA SOURCE via the manage data sources dialogue and creating a new ODBC data source from scratch, will the change be reflected in the table occurrence.


Naturally, this is NOT the desired method because removing the table occurrence will break everything dependent on it.


My question is:


Is there a way to change the schema of the SQL data source and have the changes update in the table occurrence WITHOUT having to remove the data source and adding it in again?


Any help in this matter would be greatly appreciated.


Thank you!