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    Radio Buttons


      Trying to create a Calculated Total Base on the Radio Button Selection. Looking for an Example of Case Formula that is based on which radio button is selected to get a total.


      Thanks in Advance



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          Hi Jason,


          There are a multitude of options for counting values selected using radio buttons.


          If you want to create separate calculations (with a result type of number) to count each of the possible values, the simplest method is to define each calculation field along the lines of:


          YourTable::YourRadioButtonField = "First Value"


          ...and so on. Each calculation field will acquire a zero or a 1 depending on whether the corresponding value (the one in quotes in the formula) matches the radio button selection. You can then set up a separate summary field to sum the calculation results across the found set.


          One issue to consider, however, is that it's possible for users to select more than one radio button by holding the Shift key while making selections. If they do this, the method described above will not count any of the selected options (ie all the calcs will return zero). If you want the system to count multiple selections, you'd need to base your calculations on slightly more complex syntax such as:


          PatternCount(¶ & YourTable::YourRadioButtonField & ¶; "¶First Value¶") > 0


          There are a few other options as well, but the above suggestions should give you some ideas to work with.





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            Thanks, Ray I works great!