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Importing xml from web services

Question asked by hborch on Nov 14, 2011
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I have a database system for biology where I have to update information on species, their names etc. from a webservice every week. To do that I am offered a webservice that I can send request to and receive xml back. I will therefor set up a script that runs in the night and import 100 000 species names. The service is on this adress:


The XML I get back seems to me to be understandable though I have never worked with XML/XSL before. I understand that I need some XSL stylesheet to avoid the error message I get when I try import -> XML data source;

"XML/XSL information is not enough to proceed with import/export."


Is there somebody out there that can help me with this task? I even may pay something for it if somebody could write it ready for me so that "It just works"!!


Happy for all kind of help!!

Best regards


Håkon Borch