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    Endless email and frustration


      I have my setting to get one email a day, just like I use to....


      Instead i get an email on every post..... Is this another email issue?


      Dave's email regarding email issues was too vague to know if this is an issue FM is working on




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          Stephen Huston

          Hi Tom,


          At the moment there is NO equivalent of the old daily email Digests. I have been fighting with email settings and have now narrowed mine down to receive only emails on Discussion threads which I started and set to get email once daily.


          I still get more individual emails than I want, but way down from 100/day!


          Put in a Feature Request posting in favor of email daily digests. Maybe if enough of us do it, they will take us seriously instead of saying "it doesn't do that."

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            I second that motion. I had just set up my email preferences to what I *thought* would give me a once a day email for the forums I'm interested in, just like how it worked previously. As soon as I selected the forums, though, the email floodgates opened up. Seeing posts one by one for the entire forum is not very useful, so I've gone back to turning off email almost altogether.

            I will be sumitting a feature request as soon as I finish this post. There's *no* reason that a modern forum system can't handle a daily (or weekly, or whatever) summary of discussions in any given forum.

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              Hi Tom


              Are you receiving email for every one you are following?



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                Hmm. I also was firmly in the Daily Digest camp, and was frustrated for weeks following the change to the new Developer Forum. I've gone from a flood of messages daily through the single daily message telling me I hadn't updated my status (when all attempts to do so apparently failed), to the current setup where I get no emails at all. I've got used to opening my browser each morning, going to the Forum and working my through all the categories and individual items that I haven't read yet. And I think I now prefer it.


                Yes, I have to remember to go to the Forum via my browser each day, but that's now just habit. But the biggest advantage is that you can follow a thread from the beginning. With digests you were dependent on the poster including sufficient of the post he/she's replying to to understand what it's all about.


                The Forum web page is at the top of my favourites, so it's simple one click to open it each day. No, I'm no longer missing the digests.


                Ross Hurley

                Adelaide, Australia