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    Deploy fp7 file on iPad/iPhone.?


      Hi all,


      While deploying fm apps on ipad/iphone, what is the best way to deploy? How to protect the code and data?




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          Hi again Ramki,


          First of all (and you may already know that or heard about it,) Apple has recently (October) given 6 months to apps developer to "sandbox" their applications. Sandboxing is a process that adds protection at a very deep core level in order to prevents apps from talking to one another unless the developers explicitly justify why cross talk between applications should occur. (In the meantime, Apple issues temporary certificates when developers ask for them.)


          I don't know if the developers of FMGO have sandboxed their application right from the beginning, but in the negative, they will have to issue an update of a FMGO sandboxed very soon. At this level at least, your data and code should be (my guest is already) safe from outside sources - for instance, from another app on the iPad or iPhone, or from a hacker drilling to gain access to data or code.


          As you already know i'm sure, FileMaker Pro 11 and FileMaker Pro 11 Advanced have a very sturdy security management tool (Menu: File ¬ Manage ¬ Security...) where you can either use existing privilege sets or create your own in accordance to your database need. I recommand you make heavy use of this and deploy those sets based on what this user account or that user accont on her/his mobile device should or should not be entitled to access. FMGO will honnor those security measures quite seemlessly and transparently.


          AND, if you deploy a solution that will be accessed from a server (say, the server where you work or your own), added levels of protection can be achieved using groups hierarchy in either Active Directory (Windows) or Open Directory (Unix). I know this is possible, but someone else that knows more about Active or Open Directories should perhaps step in if you need help in that area.


          The bottom line is that if you deploy your solutions with FMGO in mind, keep applying security in the way you would normally when you deploy for FileMaker on desktops and you should be fine! Also, if you haven't taken a look at this, here is a link to dowload module 13 of FileMaker Go 1.2.1


          and click to download the zip document: Module 13 - FileMaker Go-1.2.1.zip. You can find some information on a few security addendum.


          I hope this is of help to you,


          Best Regards,



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            Hi Mario,


            Thanks for the detail reply.  Really very helpful to understand the security.  I have downloaded the module 13 and will go thru and come back if I need any clarification.