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Authenticate Short Name Only

Question asked by VinceDolan on Nov 15, 2011
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I am setting up a new server (FMSA on a 10.7.2 (client OS) on a brand new machine. I have set the server to authenticate using external authentication via the Directory Utility against a 10.6.4 Open Directory Server. The only hiccup is that it will only authenticate the users, when they use their short names not their Full Names. I have double checked that all the groups are lowercase and they have no spaces in their names. I have checked to make sure they are all spelled the same. I have checked that the Directory Editor (on the very same machine) can authenticate via the Full Name (realname) I have used external authentication since it came out (5.5, I think - but the mind fails me sometimes) and have never run into this problem, in fact our production server (that hopefully will be replaced by this new one) is authenticating fine against this very same OD Master - however it is running on 10.6 OS not 10.7. Any clues?


Vince Dolan