FMGO - Best Development approach?.

Discussion created by Ramki on Nov 15, 2011
Latest reply on Nov 16, 2011 by techt

Hi All,


while developing application for FMGO(to sell in Apple Store) apart from best coding practices, what would be the best approach.


a) Keep Logic and data in the same file.


If so, how to extract data and transfer data when new enhancments or made.


b) Keep Logic and data in separate file(data separation?).


is it not too much for a small device.?

Another clarification I need is Whether normal "Manage->External Data Source" will work on device. In other words, if I refer to data file using external data source on my mac pc and deploy the apps(2 files) on to a device, will it work correctly. (I have not tried this, I am new to file maker - all along doing ASP.Net & C# - working in a company. As and when get time, working on FM at home as I want to venture into FM development on my own).