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    FMGO - Best Development approach?.


      Hi All,


      while developing application for FMGO(to sell in Apple Store) apart from best coding practices, what would be the best approach.


      a) Keep Logic and data in the same file.


      If so, how to extract data and transfer data when new enhancments or made.


      b) Keep Logic and data in separate file(data separation?).


      is it not too much for a small device.?

      Another clarification I need is Whether normal "Manage->External Data Source" will work on device. In other words, if I refer to data file using external data source on my mac pc and deploy the apps(2 files) on to a device, will it work correctly. (I have not tried this, I am new to file maker - all along doing ASP.Net & C# - working in a company. As and when get time, working on FM at home as I want to venture into FM development on my own).




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          Hi Ramki


          Technically speaking there should be no difference between single and multiple file design, however, after years of working in a multi file solution I prefer a single file approach.


          Regardless of how many files you use, your design must be as minimal as possible. Have an iPad handy and test every step of the way in real conditions, don't get fooled by the performance of yout laptop/desktop computer just to see that it is too much for your iPad.




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            Have you looked into how one actually sells applications through the Apple Store? I don't think you can get there from here.

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              This was posted earlier this year... http://filemakertoday.com/com/entry.php/68-Submitting-an-FM-Runtime-to-the-Apple-Mac-App-Store


              I think the problem with the App Store is that a FileMaker runtime contains PPC code - which is not allowed on the App Store.

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                Stephen Huston

                I go with the Separation Model, one file for all data tables, the other for interface only.


                In my data tables I include some extra fields (sometimes eve an extra table) so that a certain amount of upgrading with more fields can be accomplished without needing to modify the underlying data structure. That way, I only need to upgrade the interface file to provide what appears to be a newer version, even if it has a few more fields.


                Do your calc-entries via scripting in the interface file, and you won't even have to plan for calc fields -- just the fields to hold the results -- be they text, dates, or numbers.


                The only drawback to the Separation Model in FM Go is that the underlying data file is visible in the FM Go file list, so one needs to have a script to handle the error if the data file is opened directly rather than from the interface.


                And, should you find a way to sell FM Files-only (to be run on FM Go) in the App store, let us all know.

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                  Hi All,


                  This is what am thinking.

                  In singular file model, when we want to add few more reports or change the look and feel of the interface etc, how do we update the fp7 files.  We need to give separate fp7 or codes to upgrade the older version into new version. may be complicated.   Anyone tried FMtouch for deploying onto Ipad/Iphone?.


                  I will try to go with separation Model. (My experience with FM is very short,  so unless I do lot of reading on making a separation model.  I would appreciate, someone point me some articles on it, currently I became member in http://www.filemakermagazine.com/ and Mr.Matt Petrowsky has very USERFUL and Excellent video lessons on DATA Seperation model atleast 20 over videos.  I really recommend it for newbies like me)


                  The first reason is :

                  Most of the times ehnacements will happen with reports and on the presentation layer only (i.e Interface file in the seperation Model).   And we may not want to touch the users/owners data.


                  For security purpose, we can totally protect the data database such that the same can be accessible only thru interface model(hope we should be able to do this).  so no one touch the data even the owner without the interface file.  Even if he has FM Pro with him.


                  Now the problem remains two fp7 file.  How to deal with it?  is there a way to change the extension of the data file.?   If so will it work with interface file..?




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                    Hi David,


                    Only couple of fm products on apple store apart from FMGO itself and one FM Book called The missing manual on FM11.If am correct all of them are single file solutions. 


                    There is one more product similar to FMGO called FMTouch, anyone tried the same?




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                      Hi DavidZ,


                      The link(filemakertoday) was very useful.  But I know "Sales Beaver" by Richard Carlton (Sales Beaver is an extended version with lot of improvement on their own FM Starting Point Template.  SB has an excellent interface on IPAD.  (www.salesbeaver.com) has placed there Lite version on apple store.   If someone here from Sales beaver, should able to throw somelight.  Knock Knock anyone...from SB.


                      Thanks and regards


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                        Hey Ramki,


                        The Sales Beaver you see in the app store is a native iPad app, not a FileMaker runtime. Richard's team offers an FMGo version as well, and a full blown FMP version.






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                          Hi John,


                          Thanks for the info.   Now I understand the comment from DavidJondreau.  But I like the approach by Richard' team.  Present the Lite version to attract customers later buy the full blown version directly from them. No Apples involved.   Lite is Free also on Itune store.    But only those who has FMGO,(S39.90) can buy the full version of SB APP.  But it will work on Mac with FMPRO.


                          Thanks for the info.


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                            FMTouch is a neat app that manages synchronization between a desktop (or hosted I suppose) FMP solution and an iOS device. It's a nice way to take a database with you, or a subset of data, work on the data offline, then sync the data when you get back. You could build synchronization into a FMGo solution and replicate a lot of what you'd get with FMTouch. There was a recent presentation on FMGo and synchronization that would be a good starting point if you wanted to give it a shot.