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    Multi criteria finds


      Any one have a quick and dirty solution for searching a record but with different results?


      For instance I have this record


      11-14-2011 5-54-41 PM.png

      I am trying to create a report based on the main order number, then by which Vendors show up on the line items for the report. I would like a report for each Vendor listed in the Order with all the lineitems they are listed for the current order. Currenty I have and perhap wrongly done 5 seperate fields for the vendor name all looking back to the main Vendor table.


      I am not sure of the best way to go about it, and any direction would be greatly appriciated.


      Thanks in advance



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          Hi Jason,


          The fact that you have five fields for vendor names is one thing that is likely making this a lot harder than it ought to be.


          That aside, if I understood correctly from one of your other posts, your line items are in a separate table and are related to the relevant Order record?


          If that's the case, and if your line item records also have anything on them to identify (directly or indirectly) which vendor they are associated with, then one way to create the report you need would be to use the Go To Related Record[ ] command to get a found set of the line items in a layout based on the line items table, then sort based on vendor, and add a subsummary part with totals for each vendor sub-group.


          Failing that, you may need to explain in greater detail what information is stored where and how it's related.





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            Hi Ray,


            Thanks for the reply,


            I knew when I made the five fields it was a work around, and it seems as if now I am enjoying the fruits of my bad decision. When I did create them I was have trouble adding a Vendor line item to a line item in the line item table. So I need to add line items to line items in order to not have five different fields.


            The trouble was created when I needed to find a way to add the serveral different vendors to a bid on the 1 line item each vendor has there own pricing and time frame to deliver.


            Yes I have an Order Table with an ID and I have a lineitem table with its ID and the tables are related.


            Current my relationship chart looks like this


            Rel Chart.png

            Ray thank you for helping get over these hurdles.


            Jason Farnsworth

            Midland, Tx