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    Is there an easy way to arrange objects in layers?


      I am working on a layout that was setup by someone else that has multiple objects which overlap in layers, with some being at the front, some at the back and some in between. Some of the fields are masking fields and have no visible borders.


      I was wondering if there is any easy way when you have an object selected to tell where it is?





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          Hi Macwombat,


          I think the only way could be to group those objects you want to keep in front and use the arrange to "Bring to Front", again group those you want to keep in the middle and bring them forward("Bring Forward").  Others objects, you want to keep behind, group and send them back("Send to back".    I am nor sure whether FM support true layering.  It is done at the time when you create the object. All new objects will be placed in Front.(topmost).   Also in layout mode use View Menu to show  Text, Field, button  Boundaries.


          Hope this helps you.




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            Hi MacWombat


            With the complete absence of any other method (that I can think of), here's an idea!


            1)  In Layout Mode, draw a grey rectangle over the top of the collection of fields that you wish to investigate.


            2)  Use the 'Send Backwards' shortcut to move the grey rectangle down through the group of fields, noting which field appears at each step.


            3)  If some fields are very obscured by others above in the stacking order, then with the 'Snap to Grid' turned on, select some of the top fields by Shift-Clicking and move them away by about 3 or 4 grid positions - maybe even group them as one, so that you can move them back to their original position later.


            4)  When you have traversed all the fields in the collection, then the 'Send Backwards' shortcut will have no further effect.


            Perhaps this is just another example of an ugly FileMaker work-around, but I can't think of a better alternative ...


            Hope this helps identify the stacking order of fields for you (I take it that you are using 'Calendar Complete' too!


            Best wishes - Alan Stirling, London UK.

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              Hi Alan


              That was exactly the tip I needed and helped me to diagnose a complex layout at a customer.


              Thank you very much.



              Chris Cullen