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FMS 11.3 admin console stopped working properly

Question asked by GuyWillett on Nov 16, 2011

Dear All,


I hope you can help...

A few days ago I stopped recieving email notifications from my FMS 11.3.309 which are set to go on each completion of a scheduled script. The scripts seem to be continuing to run and my hosted (11) databases still work fine. However, the admin console does not acknowledge any connected clients (even when there are) and will not let me close/remove/verify any databases (error: "object does not exist"). Equally, the console will not allow me to duplicate scheduled scripts.

Perhaps most telling is when trying to edit a scheduled script, I cannot get past the username/password setting, as "error: no scripts are available for this account", even though they have been working fine for 6 months, are Full Access accounts and I can open the files remotely using the same username/password...


I am running it on a remote MacMini 2.66GHz core 2 duo, with Snow Leopard server 10.6.7


Any ideas as to what has happened, and how to fix it?


I have tried restarting the adminserver from the commandline to no avail...I wonder if a re-install might be required...


Thanks Guy