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    OSX Server for the Web server box?


      A client will be using a two-machine deployment of FMS 11. I know we don't require OSX Server for the FMS box but is it best practice to use OSX Server for the Web server box? My assumption is that it should be since I believe it has a number of tools for administering Apache where regular OSX doesn't.

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          we do prefer using OSX Server for the reason you say. Note that you also get a pretty good software firewall.

          We also prefer setting up the server in advance mode so not familiar how the simplified system can be configured.

          Especially on the web-server OSX-Server gives you a lot of possibilities and easy administration, once you get the hang of it.

          If setting up your first server, be prepared to do some research and trials and take that into account when planning a time-table.

          For performance reason do not activate services other that those you need.


          Whether this is best practice I cannot say - but it works nicely for us on several setups

          and I would definitely recommend using the Server version


          Best regards

          Kaj Hjorth