Getting serious with Design templates, libraries, style sheets

Discussion created by BTimm on Nov 16, 2011

I am managing a legacy solution that has gone through many different upgrades and several halfway done attempts to formalize look and feel, from color schemes to consistent fonts, button styles, navigation etc. From my many years networking with the FM crew, I know this is a very common issue, putting function over form, etc.


So what I am looking for now is a few recommendations for white papers, blogs, links and such for best ways to set up a design "library" in FM so that as I upgrade my system I can put the nails in some things and just grab it as I create new layouts.


The ultimate for this, and probably a wishlist item, would be to enter my own Layout Types to call from the Layout menu, rather than the standard blank, list, etc. Half the reason form gets so lost I'm sure is because it's just not that easy or obvious how to set up your solution with ready-made, already-thought-out and done, libraries and style sheets for various kinds of layouts, color schemes, button styles, etc.


We're all aware of the limitation / bug in the custom color selection, i.e. not being able to hold more than one at a time (even though there's clearly intent in the interface for several custom selections), and worse, not being able to store custom colors in your solution. You have to re-enter the darn rgb codes every time you start a new session.


Anyway, please holler back with best practices, favorite gurus, good starting points. I'm not so much interested in tips on design here as in the practical ways to manage and store design decisions in my solution.


Thanks gang!