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Can't see file whilst sharing

Question asked by capers123 on Nov 16, 2011
Latest reply on Nov 17, 2011 by capers123

This is my first experience of FMP, having developed in Paradox & PWin since, oh, many years ago. All was going so well until today - I've built a nice little database that's working sweetly on one PC.


I'm running a full version of FMP Advanced 11 on Windows 7, and have set 'Network Sharing' to On in FMNetwork settings, allowing All users to access the current file. The file is open on that PC.


I've then installed the 30 day trial version of FMP 11 onto a couple of PC's - Win XP & Win 7. I go to Open Remote, View Local Hosts which shows the hosting PC complete with IP address. But when I click on the Host Name, no available files appear. I can access the file through sharing on the same PC (ie open a second instance of it).


Do I need to change firewall settings on any / all PC's, or is there another explanation? Maybe the 30 day trial is limited or won't work with a full version? I do intend to buy a couple of full versions (using the spiffing offer on at the moment), but no point unless I can get the network working...