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XML Error

Question asked by EvanGoldstein on Nov 17, 2011
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I'm getting an error while exporting data from FM using the attached stylesheet to convert line endings.

I get the error using FM11 client running on Leopard, but I do not get the error when it is run from a script on FMSA 10, also running Leopard.

I also don't get the error when running FM10 client on Leopard, so I think it is an FM11 issue.


The error is

"XSLT error: Character data is not allowed at this position in the stylesheet. (Occurred in entity '/file path here /export_csv_with_CRLF.xslt', at line 76, column 76.)


I'm not very familiar with XML, but can anyone tell me what should be changed?


Does anyone know what can be safely removed, or does something need to be added for FM11.