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Discussion created by Jason_Farnsworth on Nov 20, 2011
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Hello, all


I am having trouble getting this report to happen just right and looking for some simple stupid approach to it.


Here in the data table of what I would like to Sort


11-20-2011 2-19-49 PM.png


The Report that I am trying to get at is Sorted by the _kf_LineItem Column. I have basicly two LineItems 133 & 134 So I will have two groups Report the two LineItems and then I would like to see all the vendors for each lineitem listed below.


At the moment this is what I get.


11-20-2011 2-18-15 PM.png


I have the two LineItems in ok then it creates the spaces for (3) Vendors linked to LineItem 133 and (4) Spaces for the Vendor Details for LineItem 134 which is correct. But where is the data that supposed to be on the line?


Here is a look at the layout setup.

11-20-2011 2-30-07 PM.png


Hopefully I have given enough info.





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