[ANN] Zulu iCal Server for FileMaker - now supports iOS 5.1

Discussion created by JohnSindelar on Nov 18, 2011

ANN: SeedCode is proud to announce that Zulu now supports iOS 5.1


About Zulu

Zulu is an extension for FileMaker Server that lets you see and manipulate your FileMaker calendar records from iCal, Google Calendar, as well as from the calendars on your iPhone, iPad, and Android phone.


You can edit your records in iCal and, when you do, youre editing the FileMaker records directly. iCal will even respect FileMakers record locking if someone else is editing the record when you try to do the same.There are no scripts to run when you edit records, and no need to manually keep iCal and FileMaker in sync: with Zulu, iCal is reading your FileMaker records from the server, just like FileMaker does. iCal becomes another FileMaker client.

Zulu will also sync your FileMaker events to Google Calendar. There are no scripts for you to run or edit: Zulu manages the whole sync process. Once you’re syncing your events with Google Calendar you can take advantage of all the sharing options Google offers, including the option to embed a calendar on your web site.



Zulu starts at $299 for the workgroup license that will let you publish up to 5 calendars to iCal, from one FileMaker file, on one FileMaker Server, to unlimited users. You can map up to 5 Google accounts with the workgroup license. Purchase Zulu: Workgroup License / Enterprise License.


Learn More

Download a demo or see movies of Zulu in action here: Zulu Info. (Demos run for two hours before you'll need to restart FileMaker Server's Web Publishing Engine.)



Zulu requires FileMaker Server; you do not need Server Advanced. Zulu does not include or require SeedCode Calendar, which is available separately if you need it. Don’t have FileMaker Server? You can host your FileMaker solution and Zulu, outsourcing all the server maintenance. Learn more about Zulu Hosting.



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Zulu is a collaboration between SeedCode and 360Works.