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Question asked by mikied82 on Nov 18, 2011
Latest reply on Nov 21, 2011 by mikied82

Hello everyone, I am learning FMP 10 and I am having a bit of a problem. We have been given pre printed letter size order forms that we just need to fill in. Since we have been busy, I was thinking maybe FMP can help us.


Here is my setup:



(Layout 1) Request: Data input with the material needed. Such as Qty, size, color, PO #, department requesting.



(Layout 2) Overlay Print: Data with the desire information for printing over the pre made sheets with fill ins and check marks.

Pre-Printed sheets is a 8.5x11 sheet with the top half being for office and bottom to warehouse.



(Layout 3) Summary: This prints a summary with some information including PO #, items and description for Purchase Requisition.



So I want to enter:

10 (# of Boxes) (Field 1)

X (Pens) (Field 2) Check mark Pens

Pencils (Field 3) Leave blank

Office Department (Top Fields)

Warehouse Department (Bottom Fields)





So if I fill in the Office Fields (Which are on left of the page on Layout 1) then the # of boxes will go on top for Layout 2, if the left fields which is for the office are empty then put it on the bottom of layout 2.



Thank you.