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ESS with MS SQL Server and access privileges

Question asked by ghoffman on Nov 19, 2011
Latest reply on Nov 23, 2011 by pthomas

I have successfully established an ESS connection from a local Filemaker database to a MS SQL Server using AD credentials through a System DSN. That local file happens to sit on a Windows Server 2008 R2 machine that is hosting Filemaker Server Advanced 11. That server is in the same domain as the SQL Server's host.


The problem arises when I share a copy of that file under FMSA on that same server. When opening the FMSA-shared version of the file or otherwise trying to use or open the ESS connection, I'm prompted for credentials and no set of credentials succeeds in establishing the connection.


Here is the prompt:

Login Prompt.jpg


Here is the result:


Login Failed.jpg


This prompt does not appear when the file is run locally with FMP, but only appears when FMP opens a shared version of the file. The credentials I use here are exactly the same as I use with the locally-opened file on the same machine. The DSN is the same.


This appears to be the same issue Rob Woof reported under the old TechNet, so I repeated his subject line. However, I could not find his resolution in the archives of TechNet here on FMDEV.


I'm beginning to suspect that the privileges under which FMSA runs are affecting this ESS connection. Does anyone have any other ideas?