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    Line charts - OK on desktop; not OK on FM-GO


      I can't figure why there is a difference between a line chart that works fine in FileMaker Pro, but has a defect in FileMaker Go. Here is a description of the problem, with a simple illustration.


      The data table has 31 records in it, one for each day of the month. In one field, the values are inserted for all 31 records using a calculation that determines the even distribution of values between the first and last record. The second field is empty, intended for user input into one record each day of the month.


      The chart plots two series of points as lines. The first series shows a straight line path representing a goal for a month. Let's say, for example, you want to show daily progress toward a goal of reducing accidents. The straight line path plots the goal from start to finish. Then, the second plotted line shows the daily progress as a new value is entered into the daily records.


      In FileMaker Pro, the line graph looks fine, but in FileMaker Go, the empty values in the second field are assumed to be zero, resulting in an almost vertical line being drawn from the last entered value to the baseline of the chart.


      Is this a known (or unknown) defect in FileMaker Go? Or is there a better way to define the chart format, such as using a single field with a calculation of the points as delimited values in a single field?


      thanks for any input .... please refer to the simple illustration I made to help you understand the issue.


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          Stephen Huston

          Can you give us the calculation you are plotting?


          I don't know if it will make any difference, but even with numeric results, I sometimes add Case statements to calcs so that if a value is empty it returns Null ("") rather than Zero.


          I know that FMGo's calc engine is NOT identical to FMPro. I have some sub-summary reports which result in correct record counts in all sub-summaries and trailing grand summary totals in Pro, but in Go the return the same EXCEPT in the trailing grand summary, which always displays "0" (zero) as the grand total.


          I have not  attempted much charting for Go, so don't know if the Null result will perform correctly or as a Zero, but it may be worth a shot.

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            Actually, I am not plotting a calculation.  Maybe I should.  I'll try that.


            I've simply plotted the field values in a series of 31 records.  I assumed the empty fields would be the same as the null values in a calculation.  Maybe not?


            You can try this easily.  Create a table with 2 fields and 31 records.  (or any number of records.  Fill the first field with serial numbers incrementing by 1.  That will give you a straight line path across all the records for the first series.  Then, put some values in the second field of the first few records (a little higher or lower than the value in first field, so they don't overlap on the chart) and stop after doing let's say 20% of the records.


            When you plot on the computer, you will probably get what I got, a line for the second series that abruptly stops, as it should.  But on the iPad, you'll see it drop off to the baseline.  that's the problem I'm trying to solve.

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              Stephen Huston

              Would your chart be as informative if you constrained the found set to only those day records which are

              "not IsEmpty(your#field)" ?


              That would remove the artificial dips to the baseline due to null values, but leave the dates with actual Zeros. I realize that  you are charting a month of days, so this will mean some dates would be missing, but, maybe, the chart would be more informative without the null-value dates?


              Or not...

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                I see your point, but then if the found set was not the entire month, it would not be as informative to show progress toward the month-end goal, only progress toward whatever the goal was for today.


                I'm not ready to give up yet.  Who knows, maybe they will find this to be a bug?