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Why do ESS TOs disconnect from their tables in the relations graph?

Question asked by mrwatson-gbs on Nov 22, 2011
Latest reply on Nov 22, 2011 by mrwatson-gbs

Hallo all,


I've created ESS table occurences in a database on a Windows computer using the MySQL ODBC driver. ODBC System DSN Name = "Verbindung"

Then I moved the DB to my Mac laptop, where the same ODBC System DSN is set up. It uses however the latest ODBC driver from Actual Technologies.


I can use the database successfuly on both machines...BUT...on the mac :


  • the ESS-Table Occurences are NOT CONNECTED to a table,
  • when I double-click an ESS TO in the relationship graph I see the list of tables in the mySQL database, BUT there is no table selected. (On the windows machine the table IS selected, e.g. TO "ESS_products" is linked to ESS Table "products"),
  • if I now click on the table that the TO *SHOULD* be connected to...a SECOND shadow table ("products 2") is created in the FileMaker file.


Anybody else expereienced this?


Is it because of the different drivers?


Is it because of a capital letter in the ODBC Name?


Thanking you in advance for any feedback.


Russell Watson