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Guidelines and pitfalls for fast Finds

Question asked by davehob on Nov 22, 2011
Latest reply on Nov 24, 2011 by Mike_Mitchell

In my application, I have a "People List" layout, which shows people who match the search criteria entered by user. It's a simple List view layout, using a scripted Find when the user clicks the "Find Now" button. Although it's been quick enough when run on our server, I'm now trying to run it on a remote host, and it's very slow.


One of the problems seems to be a summary field on the People table (for showing the no. of People listed) - it takes several seconds to "summarize" when the Find is run.


The other culprit is related data used as a Find criterion - e.g. if the user enters a value in a date field to find people who have attended since that date (necessitating a Find on the date field in a related Attendances table). Again, this really slows things down.


How should I be doing things differently? If these are "no-no's" to be avoided, is there a list of similar pitfalls to avoid in future, plus alternative techniques?


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