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Bento Help Needed

Question asked by wwinter on Nov 22, 2011

Hi, first post to the forum as i have a problem i cant figure out myself.

i have a 3 libraries set up, one with customers details, one of my products for sale and a third of sale receipts.

I am trying to set up the receipts so that i can use relatations from he customers and the products which i have done so i simply click the customers record and all his/ her info comes up in the spreadsheet and the same for the products. However i have a form under receipts which i was looking to print out as my physical receipts so i would like to hide the spreadsheets and use nice looking fields. i tried this by creating another field on the form as a calculation and tried to show it as the customers name from the related spreadsheet but it keeps coming up as 1 and the formula is set to count and i cannot make it just display the customers name. i have made sure it is a text field in the spreadsheet. im using bento 4