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    Status Update


      Why do I receive a message everyday stating I have not updated my Status?


      I have set it to Active..



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          Hi Greg,


          The "status" being referred to in this message is the one beneath your name and avatar when you view your profile. You will see (Update) in blue. Click it and you can update this status. The idea, I understand, is comparable to status on social networking sites.


          IF you do update your status, you will still be reminded with the daily email to update it again from time to time.


          The other reason you receive a message everyday about this is that your email notification preferences are set to receive messages daily. You can change this in your profile by editing preferences.





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            Hi, Greg:


            I didn't know what was meant by "status" at first also. There should be a link directly under your name in your profile where you can type a description of whatever it is you're doing as a "status update" similar to other social networking sites. You need not edit your profile to update your status. "Membership Status" is not the status referred to in the email messages you've received.



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