Open remote overrides any security setting??

Discussion created by iceblue161 on Nov 21, 2011
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hello, all


I need help!


I created a database and hosted with a hosting company.

Created a privilege set where users belong to this group can do "layout view only." I have 6 users assgined to this privilege.


BUT, when the users access the database(fp7 file) connecting to the hosting server via OPEN REMOTE from Filemaker Pro Adv 11, they have full access to layout desgin mode, all of them. NOT only to layout design, but also scripts, etc. The database is completely open to them for EDIT!!


I even created a new user without the custom privilege but with filemaker's [Read-Only Access] privilege and the same result!!


Anyone with hosting server can test this. Real strange!


No security setting takes effect. I have tested in many different ways but still they have all access overriding any security settings despite they are Read ONLY users.


Very puzzled!! How can you protect the layouts or utilize the Manage Security? I am missing something here???


Please help.