Agreement image on FMGO with a signature line:  poor image quality

Discussion created by iceblue161 on Nov 21, 2011
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I am trying to have an agreement viewable on FMGO and have a client sign right on the iphone.

The issue is the quality of the agreement file FMGO. It is so poor. The original is fine but as soon as I import it to Filemaker it terrible degrades the resolution quality.


The original is a high quality pdf file.


How can you have a good quality image on filemaker imported? I tried different file formats but still the quality becomes really poor in Filemaker.


It is NOT an option for me to type the agreement on the layout designe mode which would give obviously a good quality.


I must import an agreement image into Filemaker.


Any ideas to have a better quality image? this must be a common issue for many people.


Pleas help.