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    Save As PDF - Printable Area


      I've come across a strange behavior with the "save as PDF" script step.


      Some prelimiary information: We're running FileMaker Pro Advanced v11 on Windows 7 Pro 32 and 64 bit machines. Database hosted with FMSA 11. All machines have adobe reader x installed v 10.1.1.


      I have a layout setup as a 1 page ship slip with client information on it. My script is as follows:




      When i run the script and Adobe opens, the printable area does not include the whole page, the below image is what shows up in the page thumbnails:




      If i were to print the document, only what is in the box will print. If i drag the box to include the whole doucment, it prints with no issue. What's interesting to note is if this were a multi-page document, all other pages would be fine but the first page will do the same thing.


      My troubleshooting so far:

      Reinstallation of Adobe Acrobat Reader

      Played with numerous default settings in adobe, none of which made a difference.

      Attempted previous version of adobe reader, none of which i could get installed on Win 7.


      I can open anything else in Adobe Reader and dont have the issue, only with FileMaker generated PDFs.


      Anyone else having a similar issue. Is this an issue in Adobe, FileMaker, both?

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          Stephen Huston

          There is a piece missing from your script: Page Setup/Print Setup


          You need to test your layout with various Print/Page setup settings to find one where the entire area of the layout you want to print is included, then script that Page/Print Setup into the routine so the PDF is output/printed at that setting.


          A very rough guess from what you showed is to start with a setting in 65% reduction range then fine tune it from there.


          Save as PDF does not adjust layout content for you any more than regular Print commands in a script. You must take charge of that yourself.

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            I wouldnt have thought to use Print Setup if i werent actually printing the document.


            I added the step, setup the page in Portrait Mode, set it to standard 8.5" x 11" and there appears to be no change. I don't see any other settings that will allow me to change the page to fit into the printable area.


            I just find it odd that it's always the first page only

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              Looks like i've gotten it set correctly.


              I didn't read all of the dialogues and found the options button on the specify options checkbox. On the Initial view tab i set the magnification to 75% and that appears to encompass the whole document.