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Consistency Checks

Question asked by RossHurley on Nov 22, 2011
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Hi all,


What do events in the Recover Log such as "Page 16485 marked free but not in free list" mean? I'm investigating mysteriously disappearing records in one file of a multi-file setup for one client. I've ruled out all the obvious suspects: overwritten by an older file, cascade deletes, deliberate acts, etc and so far have not found the cause. But I did find that the Recover Log in the folder where all the files are kept (it's a peer-to-peer setup - and that's a story too long to go into here) reports most files in the system getting consistency checks every few days. Most pass the check OK but a couple get this 'marked free but not in free list' note. The problem file seems to get get this every time. I've compared the current file with an older (and presumably good) copy of the file with FMDiff and it reports no differences or problems.


I've gone back to the client to see if the date/times of these checks mean anything - manual backups are done every few days and I don't know if the dates/times align - but I'd like to know what these notes mean, and how serious they are.




Ross Hurley

Adelaide, Australia