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    Is this possible?


      I want to have fields that are essentially Word paragraphs, or pages. Once the hundreds of fields are searched and the result is a dozen paragraphs/pages I want to port those paragraph/pages to a report.


      The problem I have is some paragraphs are a dozen lines while others are only a few lines. In the report because of the size of the fields there ends up having large gaps between paragraphs.


      I would love for the end report to gather all these paragraphs and create a report that looks seamless as if one was looking at a typical letter, article etc. Without all the large gaps.


      Is there a way to auto adjust the paragraphs so one field drops (1) space above the prior paragraph/field with out all the static gaps of the strict field dimension?


      Attached file for a look

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          Hi user13722,


          What you want to do can be done with various levels of quality depending on how you go about it...


          The report appears to need sliding objects... where you choose to slide objects up based on all above and also reduce the size of the enclosing part

          You have to make the words field bigger than the biggest value it will contain.



          Your file is attached with those changes...


          There are more sophisticated ways to attempt this... but for now I will leave you with this to consider.


          - Lyndsay

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            Hey Lyndsay - I'm throwing you a huge hug. YOU ROCK!!!!!!!!

            See now I really have something to be thnakful for on Thanksgiving. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you, Thank you.