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    Synchronizing portals


      Is it possible to have multiple portals on a given layout, where one portal is synched to the data in another portal?


      In a Timesheet database I have a table for the timesheet which holds only the beginning and ending dates for a given timesheet (some users input their timesheet weekly, some bi-weekly, some bi-monthly and some monthly); There is another table that holds the details for a given timesheet (think days in a given period); plus another table for the expenses & mileage, plus a fourth table for each timesheet's detail allocation (each day's time can be allocated to different WorkOrders).


      On my Timesheet layout, I'd like to display a list (portal) of a user's timesheets. As they navigate thru that list, I'd like them to be able to see in a second portal beside the first, the details for the current timesheet; and, of course, for each timesheet detail, I'd like to display the allocation in a third portal.


      Is this doable?


      Dan Knight

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          Hi Dan,


          Yes, that's doable.


          Based on your description, each portal will be retrieving data from a different table (and therefore from a different table occurrence/TO), but you can control the relationships to each TO so that they are either based on the same local key field, or on a calculated value derived from it.


          Using this approach, when users select a timesheet to display (by entering their selection into a field in the table on which your layout is based), the relationships that provide data for each of the portals will simultaneously update to show data that corresponds to the user's selection.


          To make this work, you will, of course, require fields in each table that you can use to associate the values with the user selection. This could be raw dates (that fall within a range for the given timesheet period), period ID values or any other keying system that will establish the required connections.





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            Hi, I think he means having the rows line up when you scrool thru each portal.  The only way really to do that is to have a button scroll to the portal row you want.  You can keep them lines up that way



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              Hi Dan


              Yes there is another way to do this, which I have used in the past. (In fact I posted about it for a different query about 2 weeks ago).


              Imagine just one wide portal, across the layout where you want to put three portals.  This portal is displaying records from a new single table, called TimeSlots. This has 36 records for each day, say from 9:00 am until 6:00 pm, with each record covering say 15 mins. 


              From within this table, there are links into the three tables that you want to show data from, but the data will now show in line. The links are based on the Date and the Time of each Timeslot record, giving a unique link to each record in your other tables. If there is no data for a particular timeslot, then that line will be blank.


              This file can be set to generate new records for each new day as required. I normally have a startup script that adds records to this file on startup to generate any new records required to keep the table primed with records for the next three months, adding a day's worth of records at a time.


              The relationships to your other three tables can be either used by Calculation fields using the relationships to pull data from your other tables, or the actual fields from any of the three tables can be placed in the portal, using these same relationships, so that data can be entered directly into fields in the portal.


              If you need more assistance to get this working, then email me backchannel and I will send you some examples.


              Best wishes - Alan Stirling, London UK - (Email User Name: Alan, Domain Name: www.ast.fm)

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                And how would one create "a button scroll to the protal row you want"?

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                  Hello AlanStirling;

                  i have sent an email as i am interested in seeing your technique in action.