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    FMS 11 and Lion querry


      A client will be purchasing a new Mac Server before the end of the year. They currently run FMS 10 on older Mac server which could not run FMS 11 due to processor constraints.


      The new computer will replace the old which will be retired. The new computer will come with Lion installed. The installation of FMS 11 will be a fresh install.


      After it is up and tested, I will move the served files to the new computer.


      All FMP clients are currently using FMP 11.0v4.


      Other than the Excel [.xls] format no longer supported, are there any FMS 11 and Lion issues that you have found?


      Thanks in advance for sharing your experience.



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          We have lots of Lion installs (client version of Mac OS 10.7).


          No issues reported after the release for the chinese character issue.


          The usual caveats.  After the Lion install, get the Mac OS X updates.


          Use 11.0v4.


          We changed all our outputs to .xlsx.


          No issues with MacBook Airs either.




          Eric Jungemann

          InfoMatrix, LLC.

          Home of VetFM

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            We are currently running FMSA 11v4 on 10.7.2 and the only issues we have run into, have been related to external authentication. The FMSA on 10.7 requires the users to use their shortname for authenticating (Our FMSA 11v4 running on 10.6.8, allowed full name as well) and sometimes the server baulks at authenticating the user at all. If the user waits a minute or so, they are in like Flynn. We haven't ruled out a misconfigurement (sic) on our part of some sort (BTW we have setup a lot of these things without incident in the past), but just beware. We have a mix of Win XP Pro SP3 11v3 and Mac 11v4 (10.5,10.6,10.7) clients - no other issues.


            Vince Dolan

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