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    Filemaker Go Module Part of Filemaker 11 Certification Exam?


      Hello developers,


      Haven't been part of this discussion forum before. Pleased to meet you all!


      Just wondering if the Filemaker Go module (labelled as Module 13) is officially part of what is tested for the Filemaker 11 Ceritification Exam? Are there are any other modules whose content is tested in the exam which are in addition to the Modules 1 to 12 now available for free download?


      Thanks in advance for any assistance,


      Philip Benjamin

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          Thanks for your reply Egbert.


          Just to be clear - I am not asking what is IN THE EXAM!  I am asking whether the Filemaker Go module (Module 13) is part of the curriculum that is required to be known for the exam.


          I have since found the information below which seems to suggest that the 13th module is part of what can be tested - along with a whole range of other content as well.


            • Get the FileMaker Training Series, self-paced training materials that include 13 modules of in-depth FileMaker development topics. This series includes a 700+ page manual along with a DVD of demo files, exercises and videos to enhance your learning experience. Learn more.
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          and take the test!