Calc engine questions for optimizations

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We need to get answers from Filemaker Engineers about how works the cal engine to better optimise our calcs fields.



Here's some questions (I know that some example don't make sense but that's to illustrate the point)


1. Once the cal engine gets a related field for the first time does it cache it or does it fetch it whenever and as many time he finds it.


So which is faster :








If the cal engine caches my_unstored_related_table::value performance should be the same



2. Considering a List view, where there's 4 fields, 3 of of them referencing the first one which itself gets some values from un unstored calc, is the first field cached ?


field1 : my_unstored_related_table::value*my_unstored_related_table::value+my_unstored_related_table::value


field2 : field1*2/3

field3 : field1*12

field4 : field1/15


in other words, would field2,field3,field4 recalculate field1 ecah time (trigerring this my_unstored_related_table::value*my_unstored_related_table::value+my_unstored_related_table::value)


3. In the above example, Is it better, for performance, to reference a field, or to recalculated it completely


so is this below faster than 2.


field1 : my_unstored_related_table::value*my_unstored_related_table::value+my_unstored_related_table::value


field2 : (my_unstored_related_table::value*my_unstored_related_table::value+my_unstored_related_table::value)*2/3

field3 : (my_unstored_related_table::value*my_unstored_related_table::value+my_unstored_related_table::value)*12

field4 : (my_unstored_related_table::value*my_unstored_related_table::value+my_unstored_related_table::value)/15




P.S : If it does not cache, then i think it definetly should